Kontokali Village



The village of Kontokali can be found at a 6 kilometer distance of Corfu Town and it is famous touristic destination. From the village there are wonderful views over the Bay of Gouvia Marina and the small island of Lazaretto just off the coast.

The village ofKontokali Beach Kontokali counts some 1600 permanent residents. During the World War II, the German and Italian dominants of the island had used this resort as a concentration camp. You may swim at the beautiful, cosmopolitan and crowded in summer, beach in front of the village of Kontokali, but the area around offers several alternatives too. Most of the beaches are popular and stylish. A local feast (“panighyri”) is organized in the village in May or June, in honor of Holy Spirit.

In Kontokali you can see some local pubs and a lot of fish tavernas which serve fresh fish and local delicious dishes. Moreover following the main road to Kontokali village you will be able to see, on your left hand, the main entrance of Gouvia Marina Marina. Here many people from all around the world come with their yachts for holidays.

The most important reason why visiting the Kontokali resort is its place. Located in the middle of the Island of Corfu, is the ideal place starting exploration to the whole island.


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