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Gouvia Marina village is situated on the east coast of Corfu in Greece, within good proximity to the I.Kapodistrias airport as well as Corfu Town (roughly 8 km). Buses to both run daily from 9pm till 4am every 15 min and from 4am till 10am every 20Gouvia Marina Beach min through Gouvia Marina and get you into Corfu Town after a 15 minute ride. There is also a 24-hour taxi rank situated at the centre of the resort. A ride into Corfu town by taxi will typically cost you around 8 - 12 €. Set in the middle of Corfu Island, Gouvia Marina village location is ideal to explore the island by car or bike.

Gouvia Marina, a small former fishing village has been developed throughout the last four decades into a modern holiday resort. Ideal for couples and families visiting the island of Corfu, it provides an up to date and secure place for vacation. The village ofthe resort has about 600 inhabitants and was built on the site of an ancient Venetian harbor. Today, Gouvia Marina is the main marina of Corfu and welcomes many yachts from all over Europe. The local people are nice, friendly and eager to show to the foreign visitors the way of the Greek hospitality.

There is not one beach at Gouvia Marina but several, of sand, shingle and pebbles. Tiny coves are also to be found close to the centre of the resort. Swimming is safe for children. Access to thea beach is easy from anywhere in the village. Beach activities include paragliding, diving and most water sports. You can also go horse riding and explore the lush hills, olive groves and citrus plantations that surrounding Gouvia Marina. Moreover for those who love action, you have the chance of hiring a car or a bike due to explore the whole island, because the location of the resort is ideal (settled in the middle of Corfu) for this. Furthermore the resort has a good selection of bars and restaurants serving Greek, Chinese, Thai, Italian and Mexican dishes and a very lively atmosphere at night. We propose you do not miss the sunset, or the view of the full moon (if you are lucky) to the beach. Shops are concentrated along a short, narrow street in the centre of the resort but they are mostly full of cheap souvenirs.

Not far from Gouvia Marina Gouvia Marina Panoramic viewvillage, sharing the same beach is the Kontokali resort, where is located the main entrance of Gouvia Marina Marina. There you can enjoy a refresh drink while watching the magnificent view marina offers. An ancient Venetian harbor is in the middle of the two villages. From the other side about 3Km North you can find the Komeno village where you can walk through the all green hill. Look out for celebrations for its Saints Days on 2nd February and 17th July, to Ipapanti Church, which is located in the sea!! Danilia, is also a purpose-built, Greek-style village where folklore performances are organized for evening trips, and it is about 1km from the resort. In addition it is worth visiting the beaches of Dafnilas, Dassia and Ypsos where you can spend a few exploring hours walking to these resorts which all of them have something different but although unforgettable to add to your holiday memories!!

Finally Gouvia Marina village is a unique holiday destination which can satisfy all the budgets and has everything to offer to the in depended travelers and to those who enjoy the Greek beauty and hospitality. This is the reason why Gouvia Marina village has a big number of repeating visitors and many fans.

Corfu offers splendid coastal scenery and some excellent secluded beaches. On this cosmopolitan island, you'll be able to combine relaxation with good times and a full nightlife. Corfu is an international tourist centre which can satisfy the demands of the most difficult visitors.

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